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Literally Everything You Need to Know About Understanding Nodes in Your Birth Chart

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When it comes to astrology, there are physical objects, like the different planets, the Sun, and the Moon. And then there are important points in the sky that aren't physical objects—like your Rising sign, which is the zodiac sign that was on the horizon when you were born. Two more v. important nonphysical points are the lunar nodes (aka the Nodes of Destiny or the Nodes of Fate).

What are the Nodes of Destiny?

The Nodes of Destiny are the two points in the sky where the Moon and Sun cross paths. The Sun and The Moon cross paths a few times a year, during which we experience the astrological phenomenon known as eclipses. In astrology, the nodes denote the spiritual paths that we should move toward and let go of, as well as the type of energy we are currently working with. Over the course of a year and a half, the nodes move through each axis. The nodes are always in two opposite signs—for example, if the North Node is in Leo, the South Node will be in Aquarius at the same time.

Yes, the nodes are divided into two: the North Node and the South Node. Both tell a story of fate and destiny, in this life (the North Node) and your past lives (the South Node). Every year and a half, the lunar nodes change signs. In our birth charts, the different placements and signs show us our past and current destiny. (The past dictates the future—if we embrace our karmic lessons. Goose bumps!)

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The nodes are also how we know what will happen to us during the eclipses, based on both our personal birth charts’ nodes and the transiting nodes that affect the collective as a whole.

In Vedic astrology, the North Node is called Ratu (Dragon’s Head) and the South Node is called Ketu (Dragon’s Tail). To make a long mythological story short, a demon wanted immortality and tricked the gods into getting it—which angered them because he was not in line to receive such powers. Their punishment was to grant him immortality with both parts of the past (Ketu) and future (Rahu) always being a part of him. Basically, he couldn’t escape himself or anything he’d done.

All about the North Node

The North Node of Destiny dictates what we are moving into—which may be scary since it’s a place that we have never been before. Think of this like the first day of college. You’re attending an unfamiliar place, and you have to start fresh. It’s a moment in which you can reinvent yourself and be the person you want. The same theory applies to the North Node of Destiny. You can use this energy to create and transform your world. Now, the way that you use it is up to you. That’s why it’s important to manifest these powers for good and to know the best way to conquer the vibes—which is what we are assisting you with in this article. So you’re one step ahead of the game already. Yay.

All about the South Node

The South Node of Destiny depicts the place, energy, emotions, and relationships that we have been a part of in our past lives. It’s the karmic energy that we are trying to move out of, release, and leave behind in this lifetime. It gives us a sense of déjà vu, as we have been there, done that, and are trying to move out of that way of thinking. This shows the patterns and ways of thinking or feeling that we are bringing into our current life path—which may not be even happening IRL at the moment but that we are holding on to. Therefore, it’s important to move out of these sentiments. And that’s not easy because slipping back into old habits is super simple if we aren’t consciously aware of what we are doing.

Currently, the North Node of Destiny is in Aries and the South Node of Destiny is in Libra. This began on July 17, 2023, and will continue for 18 months until January 28, 2025.

The Nodes of Destiny in Your Birth Chart

You can find your destiny by looking at your birth chart and circling your True Node, or North Node. The South Node will always be the opposite sign and degree of the True Node. Circle both of them in your chart and use the interpretations below.

Wanna graduate to the advanced class? Take it one step further to find out how the nodes will affect you directly. Put your natal nodes and the transiting nodes together, and presto, you have found out your eclipse story. You can do this trick to interpret your chart with all the other eclipses too!

The North and South Node through the signs:

  • North Node in Aries/South Node in Libra: There’s a need to be more self-reliant here, as there is a tendency to focus on relationships. You need to learn not to let your partnerships define you, and moving on from toxic situations and relationships will require a lot of work on your part. But it’s totally doable over time.
  • North Node in Taurus/South Node in Scorpio: You tend to be too giving *and* hedonistic. It is suggested you are in charge of the finances, rather than your partner. Being consistent in the flow of emotions and keeping promises is essential, as you tend to be too focused on personal evolution. Don’t put up too many walls to ensure you can let others in.
  • North Node in Gemini/South Node in Sagittarius: You’re an independent thinker with great communication skills. Probs fluent in a few languages. Saying what you mean and relying on facts is essential.
  • North Node in Cancer/South Node in Capricorn: You can be too ambitious and harsh. Sorry, but you know it’s true. Learning to be emotionally sensitive to the needs of others can take your relationships to a new level. Also, give yourself some TLC.
  • North Node in Leo/South Node in Aquarius: Artistic and creative endeavors are favorable for you. You have a tendency to be a dreamer. Being a leader is hard for you, as you’re a team player. Learning to take the reins will elevate you to great heights.
  • North Node in Virgo/South Node in Pisces: You need to be more critical and assertive. Also, you have a tendency to disappear into the ~spiritual world~, which means you’re often lost in your feels. And you ghost others frequently. Be more communicative.
  • North Node in Libra/South Node in Aries: Think before you speak! You have a tendency to act or say things impulsively. Learning to work cooperatively and love others freely will be challenging, as you’re used to putting your needs first. Now, you have to focus on others.
  • North Node in Scorpio/South Node in Taurus: Ooh! You gain through inheritance or spouses, although your personality can be a bit obsessive/addictive. This is a great aspect for managing the affairs of others though! Be patient and use your intuition to navigate you in all your endeavors.
  • North Node in Sagittarius/South Node in Gemini: Okay, you are *very* talkative and lack focus. But! You’re hella generous. A natural teacher and philosopher too. Don’t just talk about it, do it! Put your words in action.
  • North Node in Capricorn/South Node in Cancer: You love personal histories. Sentimentality and feels are hard to let go of—there’s a need for some emotional discipline here. Be open to sharing and reflecting with others.
  • North Node in Aquarius/South Node in Leo: Motivations/goals solely for personal fulfillment, never for fame. You’re an idealist and humanitarian. However, you can be a tad selfish and needy at times.
  • North Node in Pisces/South Node in Virgo: You lack boundaries and you’re a perfectionist. But hey, you have healing abilities, so not so bad. Use your powers to help those in need.

The Nodes in the Houses:

If you look at your birth chart, you will find a glyph (an astrological symbol) that looks like a horseshoe. That is the symbol for the North Node. The glyph for the South Node is an upside-down horseshoe. Once you find those symbols in your chart, then you can circle them. They will always appear in opposite houses, opposite signs, and at the same degrees. Now that you’ve found the houses they reside in, you’ll be able to understand the karma and energy you’re working with. The houses depict the overall vibe and story, while the signs show the flavor.

  • North Node in the 1st house/South Node in the 7th house: You’ll make up for any karmic debts in marriage/partnership, so good luck with that! Your confidence is popping, which can make you feel larger than life. The caveat is that you may not be giving relationships the attention that they deserve.
  • North Node in the 2nd house/South Node in the 8th house: Sex can be your undoing. Just sayin’. Be cognizant of the amount of time that you’re giving to others to avoid feeling taken for granted and burnt out. Put yourself first at all times.
  • North Node in the 3rd house/South Node in the 9th house: You’ve got so much love for your crew, not so much for spiritual stuff. You have the ability to self-educate and communicate well. Consider working with others to help them become mindful of the ways they communicate — maybe teach or take an online writing class for fun or work.
  • North Node in the 4th house/South Node in the 10th house: You focus a ton on your “image” and reputation as well as your career. Spend more time in spiritual practices and the home. Balance is key here. Don’t give too much time to work that you forget about your home life and familial responsibilities.
  • North Node in the 5th house/South Node in the 11th house: Your karmic debts are paid through humanitarian efforts—find a volunteer sign-up sheet and put your name down. You should also be careful in how you work with your peers. Make sure that you are the one who is taking charge in the group situation and managing the time effectively.
  • North Node in the 6th house/South Node in the 12th house: You’re the effin’ best at working together with people at the office. Bonus: You’ve got strong health too. Allow yourself to believe in things that cannot be explained by practical measures. Give yourself a chance to connect with your spirituality and to tap in with that part of yourself.
  • North Node in the 7th house/South Node in the 1st house: You dominate partners and lack boundaries in relationships—hmm, maybe it’s because you have insecurities around self and relationships. Being in a healthy partnership can be scary, but it’s what you desperately crave and want. Give people the chance to prove their love before self-sabotaging the relationship.
  • North Node in the 8th house/South Node in the 2nd house: Watch out for overspending and using your sexuality to your advantage. Keeping a budget will help you be aware of your money and cash flow. Also, beware of FOMO.
  • North Node in the 9th house/South Node in the 3rd house: You feel a need for higher learning and travel. And you’re probs interested in publishing. If you’ve ever wanted to publish a book or take a trip around the world, this energy in your chart is giving you the confidence to do so. Be adventurous in order to attain your soul’s purpose.
  • North Node in the 10th house/South Node in the 4th house: You’ve got a strong need for a career—which makes sense, since you find more happiness at work than at home. But this doesn’t mean that you don’t long for a happy home and family life. Contrarily, you desperately desire that.
  • North Node in the 11th house/South Node in the 5th house: You’re supes generous (especially to kids and your boo). You find creativity and happiness in helping others. Try to be a part of the local community and dedicate your time to helping others attain greatness. Translation: Be less selfish and more selfless.
  • North Node in the 12th house/South Node in the 6th house: Your karmic debts are paid through your relationships with the people around you in the office, like your coworkers and employees. Oh, and be on the lookout for health issues/concerns. Give yourself a few moments in the day to decompress in order to avoid mental and emotional burnout.

You love all things astrology. So do we. Let’s ~follow the stars~ together.

Planets on the Nodes

It’s common to have planets align with the Nodes of Destiny in your birth chart. It’s also common not to—so if you don’t have any, then don’t stress it. In astrology, anything and everything is common! If your birth chart includes a personal planet within 5 degrees and in the same zodiac sign of either of the nodes, then we can say the energy is karmic. If the planet is a little further away, say between 5 and 15 degrees, then we can still apply the energy—it just won’t be quite as powerful.

Planets on the North Node dictate present life energy, and planets on the South Node depict past life energy; they also represent what we are bringing in (North Node) and what we are leaving behind (South Node). Let’s say your Sun is on the South Node—this means you’re working your way out of old insecurities in this lifetime. Conversely, having your Sun on the North Node means that you’re learning how to be more assertive in this lifetime. Got it?

If you have planets on the North Node:

  • Sun: We’re talking big ego. Popularity. Karmic lessons bring you into the spotlight.
  • Moon: It’s a mixed bag. It is a protective energy, but it also indicates mental troubles. Hey, it also signals popularity and success in marriage, with women, and with your mom.
  • Mercury: When Mercury makes an appearance on the North Node, it is a very delightful time: clear thinking. Great communication. Good travel luck.
  • Venus: So many goodies here: magnetism, wealth, beauty, self-confidence, sex appeal, musical talents….
  • Mars: Assertive nature with a bit of an insensitivity and selfishness toward others.
  • Jupiter: All signs point to success and career advancement. However, there’s a tendency to take success for granted.
  • Saturn: Hard work pays off for you, but you’re harsh with yourself and others.
  • Uranus: Fanaticism—eep! But also, creativity and sudden fame—yay!
  • Neptune: Some dramz here: Expect artistic, psychic tendencies and a sexy, glamorous life. But also, um, manipulation. Drug and alcohol issues are a possibility too.
  • Pluto: You’ve got the power to change or destroy the world or others—and the ability to heal. See also: Fame. Wealth. Obsession.

If you have planets on the South Node:

  • Sun: Selflessness. Charitable. Lacks self-confidence.
  • Moon: Deep in your feels and pretty sensitive. Also, you’re spiritually and musically inclined.
  • Mercury: Great memory but totes irrational.
  • Venus: Poor bb: You are running low on self-esteem and have a tendency to find comfort through food, sex, drugs, or alcohol.
  • Mars: Two words: temper tantrums.
  • Jupiter: A very fortunate aspect! Informed. Smart. Generous. Just watch out for losses in stock market.
  • Saturn: You’ve got an understanding and appreciation for the ups and downs in life.
  • Uranus: You help inspire others.
  • Neptune: Beware of alcohol and drugs. You’ve got a heightened imagination and trouble concentrating. Inclination toward the arts and spirituality.
  • Pluto: Transformative nature. Prepare to rise to fame—for better or for worse.

Mark these events on your cal

Throughout your life, there are times when the current nodes make a special connection to the nodes in your birth chart. You know how your Saturn Return happens when Saturn returns to where it was when you were born? Yeah, it’s the same idea. Here are some events to be aware of:

Nodal Return

Your Nodal Return occurs when the Nodes of Destiny return to the degree and signs they were in when you were born birth. This happens every 18 years. During this time, major changes and occurrences can happen that will rock your world for the better. Pay attention to what transcends and begins.

Nodal Square

This event happens every four and a half years, when the nodes form an angle called a square with the nodes in your birth chart. The nodal square is a release of the past, and it keeps you in check with your soul’s purpose. Think of this as a check-in point from the cosmos in order to make sure you’re living your best life and on the righteous path.

Nodal Opposition

Your Nodal Opposition occurs every nine years. Basically, it occurs when your natal North Node (aka the North Node in your birth chart) aligns with the transiting South Node (aka where the South Node is now), and vice versa—for example, if your natal North Node is in Scorpio and your natal South Node is in Taurus, the transiting North Node will be in Taurus and the transiting South Node will be in Scorpio. This is a magical time in which you are compensating for the past and the present, which is allowing you to fulfill your destiny. A lot of the times when this happens, we are pushed into our destiny with ease.

The North and South Nodes in 2024

Currently, the North Node of Destiny is in Aries and the South Node of Destiny is in Libra. This began on July 17, 2023, and will continue for 18 months until January 28, 2025.

North Node in Aries

The North Node in Aries represents our most carnal desires. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and it is known for tantrums and emotional outbursts (love you, Aries!). This is due to the fact that this sign represents our most humanistic passions. Competition is fierce and strong with this placement, and someone born with the North Node in Aries fights to be number one at all costs and at all times. When the North Node is in this sign, there can be selfishness and aggression that can lead to tempestuous behavior and situations. Learning to coexist with others can be a lifelong journey!

In 2024, the North Node will be moving retrograde through Aries. This means that we are allowing ourselves to define what makes us happy. In doing so, we will notice that it's important to put ourselves first, and there's nothing wrong with it. Setting boundaries for people is going to be crucial because we don't want anyone to stand in the way of us being the best version of ourselves. We might find that people with ulterior motives need to leave our lives because they aren't letting us shine.

In the coming year, healing the past will be crucial for our growth. On February 19, the asteroid Chiron, known as the zodiac’s healer, will link up with the transiting North Node in Aries. This powerful connection will help us repair old wounds, including heartbreak, and offer counsel to those experiencing similar challenges. We'll prioritize our own well-being, even if that means letting go of people who aren't contributing positively to our lives.

The solar eclipse on April 8 in Aries activates the North Node of Destiny. The eclipse is going to set the ideals that we have in motion about what makes us feel most aligned with the world around us and how we can make our moves toward attaining a better life for ourselves. It's important to know that we might find that what we've been working for requires a little more energy, which means that we will fight for what we want and who we are, as we do not want to compromise and let our independence and selves be seen.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, and Mars Retrograde beginning on December 6, 2024 in Leo will have a significant impact on our lives. During this time, we may feel stuck and unable to make progress towards our goals. To cope with this, it's essential to focus our energy on the present moment and appreciate what we have rather than trying to force changes. Try to remain patient until Mars leaves the retrograde zone on February 23, 2025.

South Node in Libra

The South Node in Libra is coming out of a cycle in which others are put first. This energy is often met with self-motivation, which can consume people who have this placement or people who are going through this transit. Patience and understanding is a lesson here, as well as not using emotional manipulation to get what we want. As long as we can be honest, then relationships can thrive and survive. However, shady tactics might bring us the temporary wins but aren’t sustainable.

The lunar eclipse on March 25 activates the South Node in Libra. We are going to have an emotional reaction to situations, people, and things that we cherish as we let go of them. Although this eclipse may make us want to hold on to the past, we must evolve and release relationships if they're not working for us. The point is that we are evolving what we want to take with us into the months ahead.

The solar eclipse on October 2 in Libra will be a little stinging because it is freeing us from many past ties. This will force us to define relationships, and many people break up during this eclipse because we are trying to disconnect with things that are holding us back. One thing is certain: To have the fresh start we want, it's important to let go of the past. After all, every new beginning comes from one other beginning's end, and this eclipse is allowing us to break the chains that have been holding us back.

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